I have had the pleasure of working with the This Side team, and Bethany Byrd specifically, for two years on marketing and social media related projects for sustainability, innovation and technology focused companies and brands. ⠀

The professional and data-driven perspective has been an extraordinary experience for our company looking to communicate technical and complicated subject matters in a way that resonates with a non-scientist customer.⠀

The experience has been refreshing where myself and our team of scientists explain in-depth technical concepts, and Bethany and her team can cut straight to the core concepts and use clear and precise language to translate science jargon into bite sized simple concepts anyone can understand. ⠀⠀

The ability to create emotional connections to normally cold science, has been an outstanding way for our business to leverage their marketing expertise to help us grow our business and win over the hearts and minds of our clients and their customers. ⠀

I have really appreciated the extensive research her team has conducted on our target customers and social media related audience to ensure that our messaging, branding and product story is consistent, uncomplicated and compelling to get people excited about our technology and products. ⠀

If you are a scientist or represent a consumer product related to sustainability, innovation or circularity, I highly recommend This Side for supporting your marketing, social media and communications efforts!

Ryan Hunt // Co-Founder & CTO // ALGIX